red cross lady on the phone said she was surprised by how young i am because i’ve already given blood 5 times which was cool+cute to hear but also if you’re elligible to donate blood then you should donate every opportunity you get!! it’s a really easy way to help people and you get free snacks and juice :^)

  1. thezohar said: i would but injections/drawing blood both freak me out so much i just had to get blood drawn for blood tests and i cried afterwards, and that not even as much blood being taken.
  2. plant-friend said: For chemistry we could get extra credit for donating and I needed the points so bad I donated w/o realizing I was way under the min weight and passed out but at least I passed the class
  3. tbmblr said: also i lied the one time i did give blood because i said i’d never had sex with a (cis) man who’d had sex with a (cis) man ZING homophobia defeated officially
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